Preconstruction Planning

Familiar with this saying “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”? For a sturdy foundation on any project, it is paramount to do some careful planning to have success. Getting JJ&SA Roberts Constructions involved early during the design phase allows us to promptly manage the project and promptly provide solutions to any roadblocks. Having a thorough pre-construction plan means that we can see the overall picture, enabling us to ensure we meet our client’s overall objectives.

Experience you can Trust

With 40 years of experience, JJ and SA Roberts Constructions have built a range of houses over the years to suit peoples needs and budget.

With sound attention to detail and a passion for the job, JJ & SA Roberts Constructions have a hands-on approach to our building projects. We work closely with all parties involved and you the owner to bring your ideas to life.

Starting a Project?

We can help with your next construction project, be it renovation, extension or new home build.